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We demanded "No More Shit!" from the police and right-wing in 1981 and we continue to demand "No More Shit!" from the police, right-wing, and fascists in 2023.
From 1981/ to 2023/ What's changed? The No Pride in Policing Coalition Presents: No More Shit! Abolitionist and Antifascist Pride June 25th, 1PM-3PM @ Grange Park Pride March To conclude w/ picnic, music, and food Masks or face-coverings mandatory Check @NoPrideInPolice on Insta. and No Pride in Policing on FB for more info and events!
FLAG RAISING PROTEST JUNE 1ST @ NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE, 11:30 While unhoused, Black, and Indigenous people are being killed by Toronto police and policy, the city wants to raise a Pride flag. Show up with your own flags to call for liberation for all! DIGITAL TEACH-INS □ Abolishing Police, Prisons and Carceral Injustice: Abolishing as Practice 7th June, 5:30-7:00 Idil Abdillahi, Moderator ● Rinaldo Wallcott ● Gary Kinsman A.J. Withers ● Percy Lezard □ Drag Performers Resisting Fascism, Racism, and Heteromasculinity 8th June, 6:00-7:30 Kusha Dadui, Moderator ● Alphonso King Jr. ● Ryan Persadie □ Creating and Building Abolitionist Futures: 13th June, 5:30-7:30 Beverly Bain, Moderator ● Robyn Maynard ● Jamie Magnusson Monica Forrester ● Brianna Olson Pitawanakwat □ Sex Work, Harm Reduction, Encampment Support: Abolition Solidarities 15th June, 5:30-7:30 Mino Do, Moderator ● Elle Ade Kur ● Elene Lam ● Zoe Dodd □ Art and Poetry at the End of the World: 21st June, 5:30-7:30 Matteo L. Cerilli, Moderator ● Lama ● Trish Salah ● El Jones ● Erica Violet Lee ● Andrea Fatona Events List The No Pride in Policing Coalition Presents No More Shit! Abolitionist and Antifascist Pride

Abolitionist Pride Demands for June 25th

‘No More Shit!’ was first used by lesbian and gay liberation activist Chris Bearchell in her speech at the Feb. 6th, 1981, demo at Yonge and Wellesley against the massive police bath raids the night before.  It was picked up in all the Right to Privacy Committee actions against the bath raids and police repression that year. At the first Pride march marking the Stonewall riots against police repression initiated by Gay Liberation Against the Right Everywhere (GLARE) in June 1981 “No More Shit!” was used against the police and the anti-queer, racist and anti-feminist right-wing. In 2023 we use it against continuing racist and colonialist police violence and the right-wing and fascists attacking drag queens, trans, queer, Black and Indigenous people.


1) Support communities and activists defending drag story hour and trans and queer young people who are facing violence and are under right-wing and fascist attack! We defend ourselves! The police are not on our side!

2) Oppose increased state funding for the Police and private security for Pride events. Instead support queer, trans, and Two-Spirit people organizing for our own community safety.

3) Cut the massive Toronto Police Budget and all other police budgets immediately by at least 50%. Transfer all these funds to community-based social supports, to accessible and safe social housing and to safe and accessible public transit.

4) No to the expansion of the racist militarized Toronto Police through ending post-secondary education requirements and ending tuition fees for police recruits!

5) Abolish the racist and colonialist RCMP!

6) Abolish the federal law giving the police the right to use “deadly force” and to “legally” kill people.

7). No to the Police killings of Regis Korchinski-Paquet (Toronto, 2020), Moses Erhirhie (Markham, 2022), Taresh Bobby Ramroop (Jane/Finch 2022) and so many others!

8) No to Police Attacks on Indigenous, Black, Racialized, and poor unhoused people living in encampments!

9) Provide accessible and safe housing and shelter for everyone who needs it!

10) Raise Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Programme (ODSP) rates by more than 100%.

11) Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour! Defend public healthcare and education with enough staff and decent paid work! We need real rent controls and more and better public housing!

12) No to Police on public transit and in schools! Develop real community safety.

13) End all Pride Committee links with the TD Bank and the RBC which support Coastal Gas Link and attacks on Indigenous land and water (including the Wetsuwet’en) and support climate destruction.

14) End all blood bans against men who have sex with men, trans people, sex workers and drug users!

15) End the criminalization of HIV+ people.

16) Support Harm Reduction: including safer supply options; overdose prevention sites; culturally appropriate support; and stopping the war on drug users.

17) For the full decriminalization of sex work: including massage parlour workers; migrant and undocumented sex workers; and queer and trans sex workers. Abolish Bill 251! Sign here:

18) End all anti-Trans Discrimination! Refuse to use ‘dead names’ instead use current living names and pronouns of trans, gender diverse and Two-Spirit people.

19) Stop the Toronto city ‘development’ proposals that earlier this year threatened the queer character of Hanlan’s Point and are now threatening to police and remove unhoused, poor people, and drug users from Barbara Hall Park, beside the 519 Community Centre! Queer and trans community safety depends on safety for unhoused and poor people!

20) Toronto must become a real Sanctuary City and Ontario must be a real Sanctuary Province and no-go areas for Canadian Border Services Agency officers. We support Status for All! Stop the deportation of international students and we demand their permanent residence status including for Lovepreet Singh! Stop the deportation of Henry Atwooki Lutaaya (a LGBT activist from Uganda)! Repeal the Safe Third Country Agreement with the US state which prevents asylum seekers who make it to the US from getting to Canada.

21) We oppose the Anti-Homosexuality Act passed recently in Uganda. Solidarity with queer and trans people in Uganda!

22) Support Iranian and Kurdish struggles for feminism, and queer and trans liberation. Woman, Life, Freedom!

23) Support for the Palestinian Struggle Against Israeli Apartheid and Settler Colonialism. Support the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Defend Palestine defenders from attacks by pro-Israel lobby groups, universities, and school boards.

24) Covid is not over! Immediately reinstate masking protections in all indoor locations and on public transit. End vaccine apartheid!

25) Support abolishing the police and all forms of carceral injustice!

Abolish the police and all forms of carceral injustice!

About NPPC

The No Pride in Policing Coalition (NPPC) is an antiracist queer and trans group formed to support Black Lives Matter – Toronto and is focused on defunding and abolishing the police. We initiated the Pride Day 2020 Defund and Abolish All Police rally and teach-in of close to 3,000 people held at Nathan Philips Square, June 28, 2020 and the 600 person rally for defunding and abolishing the Toronto police held outside Toronto Police HQ on July 16, 2020.

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