Chief Ramer, we do not accept your apology.
Chief Ramer,
we do not accept your apology.
This apology is insulting to Black people, to Indigenous people, to racialized people, to the homeless, to those of us who are queer and trans, to those who last year experienced the attacks at encampment sites. We have been calling for defunding. We have been calling for having that funds be divested to communities to create sustainable housing, to create sustainable community resources and services by the community to support communities. What we have asked for you to do is to stop. To stop brutalizing us. To stop killing us. To stop carding us. We have asked for the preservation of our lives, and what we have gotten instead is much more police. Your police officers are responsible for their racism. When you talk about systemic change and you talk about the system, you make it seem as though it’s a structure that is somehow a separate entity from that of what is happening on the ground. They’re the ones who we interface with, and they’re the ones that put our lives at risk. So to say that this isn’t about them, and to say that this isn’t about their practice and that they cannot be held accountable and culpable is not sufficient because it’s not accountable to us. Chief Ramer, we do not accept your apology.


The No Pride in Policing Coalition (NPPC) is an antiracist queer and trans group formed to support Black Lives Matter – Toronto and is focused on defunding and abolishing the police. We initiated the Pride Day 2020 Defund and Abolish All Police rally and teach-in of close to 3,000 people held at Nathan Philips Square, June 28, 2020 and the 600 person rally for defunding and abolishing the Toronto police held outside Toronto Police HQ on July 16, 2020.

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